Archaeological site of Glanum

Archaeological site
near Saint Rémy de Provence

Discover an ancient city 20 minutes from your hotel

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In the heart of the Alpilles mountains, dive into the history of a Gallic city with Greek and Roman influences.

The Glaniques, a people of ancient Provence, lived in Glanum, located south of Saint Rémy de Provence and about twenty minutes from your hotel La Régalido. Excavations undertaken in 1921 revealed a residential area, mosaics, thermal baths and the town forum.

This architectural complex is a major archaeological site, which bears witness to the city's fortunes.

Take in the breathtaking views from the site's lookouts and enjoy the pleasures of its sacred spring.
Audio guides in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian are available for €3 for a free tour of the site.

The antiques

The symbols of Glanum south of Saint Rémy de Provence

To the south of Saint Rémy de Provence, the historical monuments called "Antiques" mark the entrance to the archaeological site of Glanum.

The most famous is undoubtedly the Triumphal Arch of Glanum, a Roman arch similar to those found in the towns of Orange and Carpentras. Although it is currently 8 metres high, some of the upper parts are missing.

On the site you can also admire the Mausoleum of Julius, a funerary monument about 17 metres high.

Built between 30 and 40 BC, it was restored in 2007-2008 and the badly damaged statues were replaced by copies.

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