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Imagine the song of the cicadas and the scent of olive oil

In the heart of the Alpilles, near Les Baux de Provence, Tarascon, Saint Martin de Crau and Saint Rémy de Provence, the small town of Fontvieille evokes a typical and authentic Provence.

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This is where our Hotel Restaurant Fontvieille La Regalido is located. 

 Discover this city whose fame has crossed the oceansans: the white stones from the Fontvieille quarries have been used for many buildings throughout the world. Fontvieille is also known as the adopted home of the famous writer Alphonse Daudet.

The mill that inspired his work Les Lettres de mon Moulin is indeed located in Fontvieille and can be discovered with a pleasant walk dedicated to the poet. This walk is part of the Daudet Trail, a tourist itinerary that allows you to discover the four mills of the town. Near the Daudet mill - or Saint-Pierre mill - a small museum allows you to learn more about the author. The mill, built in 1814, is also one of the last to have stopped turning.

The view from the hill where the mill is located is worth a visit!

During your stay in our Hotel Restaurant Fontvieille La Regalido, discover also the Castle of Montauban. This 19th century castle was the home of Alphonse Daudet. It is not surprising that this peaceful place was a real source of inspiration for him!

With its rich heritage

Fontvieille is a great destination for a stay in Provence.

Since our Hotel Restaurant Fontvieille offers its treasures

Let yourself be charmed by the Old Village, with its narrow streets where you can still see troglodyte houses, but also by the Tour des Abbés, the church, the Vieille Font, the Canillac tower, the aqueducts and the Roman flour mill of Barbegal, which used to supply the city of Arles with water and flour.


Your walks from our Hotel Restaurant Fontvieille La Regalido will allow you to discover other treasures of the area. In terms of nature, Fontvieille is ideally situated at the entrance to the Alpilles National Park, between Arles and the Camargue. Many hiking trails are available to explore the Alpilles. Take the opportunity to explore them on foot or by bike.

In terms of culture, don't miss the Saint-Jean-du-Grès chapel, located to the north of Fontvieille, or the Estoublon castle, listed as a Historic Monument. 

Your stay will also be an opportunity to discover the local products and in particular the olive-based specialities, which can be found on the sunny terraces of the restaurants. The town has kept alive its ancestral know-how, as well as its traditions.


Enjoy convivial and festive moments in this lively village during your stay in our Hotel Restaurant Fontvieille La Regalido. The programme includes the Mill Festival in spring, the Camargue races in summer, the Village Festival in August and the Santon Fair which accompanies the Provencal Christmas market in November. 

The market is held every Monday and Friday morning.

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Since our Hotel Restaurant Fontvieille offers its treasures. 

In the heart of the city, the Palace of the Popes has seen 9 Popes in succession. Built in only 70 years, it has become a high place of Christian religious life. This symbol of the influence of the church in the 14th century was also a military barracks, a theatre stage and an exhibition space.

A step back in history for your visit...

The monument has more than 20 places to visit, including the superb private flats of the pope with magnificent frescoes by Matteo Giovannetti. Discover them with a Histopad digital tablet that will allow you to go back in time and relive the splendour of the papal court through a multimedia immersion.

The Palais des Papes is open every day, all year round.

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