Daudet Mill

Fonvieille, Provence

The Moulin de Daudet: an unusual visit in the South of France

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A symbol of the writer Alphonse Daudet and his work, the famous windmill is located in Fontvieille in Provence, in the South of France.

The one more often called "Daudet's mill" is in fact the Saint-Pierre mill (or Ribet mill), built in 1814. It is the best known windmill in Fontvieille as it is said to have inspired the writer to write "Le secret de Maître Cornille", one of the short stories in the collection Les Lettres de mon moulin. The mill was once a flour mill, but ceased to operate in 1915. It is now a listed building.

The Mill can be visited daily from 11am to 6pm in April, May, June, September, October and November and from 10.30am to 7pm in July and August. Admission is 2€.

To complete your visit, go to the Château de Montauban, also located in Fonvieille, which houses the Alphonse Daudet Museum and is part of the "Daudet Trail".

Daudet Mill Trail

In the footsteps of the writer in Fontvieille and in Provence

La Régalido is ideally located in the heart of Fontvieille, making it easy to explore the town.

Take advantage of your stay in Fonvieille in the South of France to discover the town's heritage, which is rooted in the history of Provence.

"A ruin, this mill; a crumbling wreck of stones and old boards, which had not been put to the wind for years and which lay useless as a poet, while all around on the coast the milling industry prospered and turned with all its wings.

The Daudet Mill Trail takes you on a tour of the Daudet Mill and also the Sourdon and Tissot-Avon mills. The castle of Montauban, which houses the Daudet Museum, is also part of the trail, as well as the Saint-Pierre-ès-Liens Church.

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