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The Camargue

A nature sanctuary 20 minutes from the hotel

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Stroll along the huge sandy beaches on horseback, cross marshes and watch the flamingos fly by...

It won't be long before you fall under the spell of the wild landscapes of the Camargue. Between traditions, nature and gastronomy, this country is full of treasures to discover.
The Camargue stretches between the two arms of the Rhône to form the largest delta in the Mediterranean basin after the Nile. This wetland of about 100,000 hectares is the largest in France.

It offers unique landscapes and exceptional flora and fauna.

The Camargue is an ornithological sanctuary with nearly 400 species of birds.
The cultivation of rice, salt and a hundred or so manades devoted to the breeding of horses and bulls keep this magnificent region alive. Les Saintes Maries de la Mer, Le Grau du Roi, Aigues Mortes, Saint Martin de Crau, Saint Gilles and Arles are must-sees during your visit.

What to do in the Camargue

Our ideas for visits from the Régalido Hotel

Take advantage of your stay in our hotel at the gateway to the Camargue to discover this uniquely beautiful region.

Visit the Camargue Museum in Arles, the Ornithology Park and the Maison du Cheval de Camargue in Saintes Maries de la Mer.
Discover the Fangassier pond to observe the pink flamingos, walk around the Gacholle lighthouse or on the paths of the National Nature Reserve of the Vigueirat marshes and don't miss the experience of a horse ride.

Between ponds and wild horses, the Camargue promises you an unforgettable moment.

In terms of gastronomy, don't miss out on local products such as gardiane de taureau and try specialities such as bourride, anchoïade or fougasse d'Aigues Mortes with orange blossom.

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